About Astrocopia.com Administrator, Services and Contact

About administrator of Astrocopia.com the astrologer, Asish Kumar Das working behind this website continuously is described here in this page. Astrocopia.com, the website of Indian astrology is running successfully with appropriate reputation of its rich content since, the year 2007. By the grace of God, it may run decades together ahead. We are in continuous research to innovate new features of astrology as well numerology to serve our esteemed viewers. Most of the content are served free in this web space; however bearing the expenditure of this domain registration and renewal, cost of hosting as well as charges of the techies working behind, we have kept some premium services on payment. Letters of appreciation from the clients and celebrities along with publication of the book, Luster of Eternity are introduced. Frequently asked questions has been linked. A lot of astrological service are imparted which included free service and pay as well. The way of contact has been categorized clearly. Hope, users will find it convenient.