New Job Months, The Best Months for Job Assignment

Job month or lucky months for job by date of birth numerology was my discovery in Indian astrology in the year 2016. This outstanding topic is a boon from Vedic numerology. Job seekers will get to know instant good month for new employment every year. Job fortune smiles by the wish of destiny. The idea of auspicious employment month will be useful for new job search by the job seekers. When will I get a job? This is a very common query from the job hunters. Destiny of job must smile if candidates apply job or face interview in the lucky job months. Just by selecting birth date, candidates throughout the World can get the right professional guidance here. How good and effective this innovation is; could be known in a few minutes. Maybe, this calculated presentation of new job month online, would be a precious gift to the World of career. Enjoy, the months for new job.

Which month should I get a job in 2017?

  1. Everyone will get minimum three to maximum five auspicious months to obtain a new job every year.
  2. Any month out of those, may bring about the breakthrough in career if, supported by personal horoscope.
  3. Judgement of personal horoscope is necessary along with this forecast to obtain a confirmed date.

Number of job months are fixed in every year - is it true?

No, not at all. A person, while getting three auspicious months to secure a new employment this year, may get four or five months in the following year. Therefore, number of favorable job month changes every year.

Important notification about new job months

Subcribe for new job months and get job calculator, Free.

Price of new job month is USD $6 for international and INR ₹370 for the Indian job hunters respectively.

Duration and validity of new job months ends on December 31, from the date of subscription.

Registered Users will Get Free Access in December of Every Year!!!

How to know my lucky months for job and new job?

Your lucky months for job as well as new employment will appear automatically after, systematic Login.

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How will the months for job recruitment emerge before us?

The months of job must be auspicious with regard to work or employment life.

  1. Candidates can apply job in an auspicious job month.
  2. Job seekers can sit for test or examinations in a job month.
  3. Candidates who appeared for a test during a job month may expect promising result.
  4. New job assignment may knock your door in such a job month.
  5. Employees may expect lift or promotion in the existing job during a job month.
  6. Anything related to work or career will be successful, if done in a job month.
Important Tips on New Job Months

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Neither labour market nor economy; only destiny controls job life.
- Asish Kumar Das, 12th September 2016